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We do art direction, graphic design, logo & identity, drawing, photography,
product design, web design and more

About Us

Our Philosophy

Anyone can tell you where style came from. As a creative agency, we work with clients to shape where it's headed. Antracite is a full-service agency that excels in various services including content marketing, branding, product design, graphic and digital design, direct marketing, photo and video production. We follow communication projects, strategic planning and product ideas, creating a solid and constantly changing communication.

About Us

Our Office

Our office, located in the historic ``Palazzo Giusti``, in the center of Verona. In this lively environment, full of historicity, arts and creativity, our ideas are born and come to life alongside our customers. An effective way to create unique and effective projects, like a tailor with a ``tailored`` suit. Taylor made is not a simple execution but a real experience. Start with a meeting, follow with an idea and a term with an intellectual and manual process, enriched by passion and competence.